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How to take care of your rollerskis

The roller ski season is underway, with simple maintenance you can make sure that your skis are just as nice year after year.

– When you bring out the roller skis for this year’s season, check that everything works as it should. Check that the wheels rotate normally, that there are no noises, and feel if the nuts and screws are properly seated, Håvard Skorstad recommends.

The former top runner works in IDT and Olympiatoppen, and has many miles on roller skis during a season.


– If there is noise from the skis, I would recommend that you do not start mucking or screwing on your own. Take them to a sports shop where there is someone who knows what they are doing. You can quickly do more damage than good if you have no idea about maintenance of roller skis, Skorstad suggests.

How to maintain rollerskis

During the season, it is important to be good at maintenance and cleaning of the skis.

  • The most important thing you do is remove gravel and dirt from the equipment so that it is kept clean and tidy.
  • Rinse the skis in warm water if it has been wet.
  • Then hang up the skis so that the water drains off, or lay them on a floor with underfloor heating so that the moisture can evaporate.
  • After washing, it is very important that the roller skis are allowed to dry well. If you have gone out on dry asphalt, it may be enough to just wipe the skis with a cloth or a small towel.

IDT roller skis have closed systems, and it should be unnecessary to use oil, grease and the like.

It is also important to check that there is not a lot of dirt and sand in shoes and bindings. Make sure that the zipper on the shoe is clean, and you may want to lubricate the zipper before putting the shoes away in the fall.

– Then you can use CRC spray, or olive oil, Skorstad advises.

If you experience that the studs on the poles are worn and that the tips sit poorly in the asphalt during the season, it will be a good idea to sharpen the studs to get a better grip.

Roller ski maintenance - Take care of your rollerskis
RENT OG PENT: – The most important thing you do is to remove gravel and dirt from the equipment so that it is kept clean and tidy, explains IDT and Olympiatoppen’s roller ski expert Håvard Skorstad

Rollerski storage

In winter, it is recommended to store the roller skis in a warm and dry place. During the season, the roller skis should be stored at room temperature when not in use, but remember to hang them up if the weather has been very humid.


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